Champions League : Squad of the Season 2018/2019

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The teams that qualified to the semi-finals of the Champions League this season dominated the perfect lineup of 20 players, selected by the European Union’s (UEFA) technical experts.

Experts chose six players from Liverpool and three from Tottenham and five players from Ajax and two from Barcelona and two from Man City and a player from Juventus and another from Lyon.

Goalkeepers: Alison Baker (Liverpool) and Ter Stigen (Barcelona).

Defense: Van Dyck (Liverpool) and Woody for the yacht (Ajax) and Virtualkin (Tottenham) and Alexander Arnold (Liverpool) and Robertson (Liverpool).

Midfield: Cissoko (Tottenham), Zeach (Ajax), Woody Bruin (Manchester City), Woody Yong (Ajax), Ndumbelli (Leon), Finaldom (Liverpool), and Neores (Ajax).

Attack Line: Stirling (Man City), Mesi (FC Barcelona), Tagish (Ajax), Mani (Liverpool), Ronaldo (Juventus) and Murra (Tottenham).