Change in the law of infiltration, the touch of the hand and the changes are the most important modifications of IFAB

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The IFAB Council paved the way for major new game law amendments by making several decisions, the most important of which was the experience of a fourth switch, the undercover amendment, in addition to taking stricter measures to reduce attacks on referees or clashes between players.

The Council of the International Federation is responsible for any amendment to the football law, which still takes decisions in March and is implemented in matches through FIFA, from July with the start of the news season in most countries of the world.

Former Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger, currently director of the FIFA Development Department, announced several weeks ago that he intended to change the law on infiltration so that a clause stating that the player ” infiltrating part of his body “would become the criterion for falling into the infiltration of the whole body, to reduce the ongoing controversy. About targets that are canceled due to infiltration on the foot, face or any part, except the arms, because they do not enter the infiltration.

In the presence of the chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee, Luigi Collina, the IFAB decided to review article 11 of the football law for infiltration, to modify it as Wenger wants, as the priority of attackers in cases of infiltration will reduce the controversy, increase the percentage of goals in the matches and will facilitate the task of the referees who were necessary to control the infiltration of a part of the body of the attacker.

The Council of the International Federation also seeks to define more controversial hand touches in article 12 (errors and misconduct) because the player will not be penalized for having touched the ball in the upper part (half of the humerus) because it is part of the shoulder, to make the distinction between the arm and the shoulder clearer.

The IFAB intends to introduce a new amendment to the number of replacements, where the player who has a severe head injury is replaced, which are cases where a concussion is suspected, and this change is not counted among the three-team substitutions, due to the severity of head injuries on the players’ lives, and an experience can be experienced This amendment is part of the next men’s and women’s soccer competition (Tokyo 2020).

Through these modifications, IFAB seeks to limit incidents of attacks against referees and confrontations that take place between players and technical bodies, by studying and tightening current procedures, as it dissuades players and coaches from not committing this serious fault.

Despite the great controversy and objections to the performance of the Video Assistant (Var) technology, the IFAB has made no major changes to it.