Charming round fans on a date with a busy football week

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After the major European leagues are concluded, the European competition wheel is back in circulation with the resumption of the European Champions League and UEFA Champions League matches.

Attention is also directed towards the decisive confrontation of the last boarding passes from the EFL Championship to the Premier League, and this is among the most prominent football events during this week, which also includes the meeting of German clubs to discuss the possibility of returning fans to the stands.

European League: European club competition will resume from tomorrow, Wednesday, after about 5 months of stopping due to the Corona Virus pandemic, as the competition for the final price of the competition is completed on Wednesday and Thursday.

And only 6 games were held in the round of 16 round before the competition stopped, and the six-leg matches for these confrontations will be played on the courts of the hospitality teams behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, Getafe’s encounters will be held against Inter Milan and Rome against Seville in Germany, and each match will be settled from one match, as the teams did not meet back in the final price due to Coruna.

UEFA Champions League: Champions League competitions will resume from next Friday.

He had already qualified for the last eight: Atalanta, Atletico Madrid, Leipzig, and Paris Saint-Germain.

While the return round is expected to be settled on Friday and Saturday, Chelsea’s confrontations against Bayern Munich (the first leg ended with Bayern winning three clean), Naples in front of Barcelona (the first leg ended with a tie 1-1), and Real Madrid against Manchester City (the first match ended with a victory Manchester 2-1), and Lyon in front of its host Juventus (the first leg ended with Lyon winning 1-0).

It should be noted that doubts are circulating about the match scheduled at the “Camp Nou” stadium in Barcelona, ​​due to the increasing number of people infected with Corona in Catalonia.

The qualifying round for the Premier League: The Brentford team is one victory away from qualifying for the English Premier League for the first time in 73 years, and Fulham will meet in the playoff round of the English Premier League on Tuesday.

Brentford is looking forward to catching the Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion teams, who have already qualified for the Premier League, after finishing first and second in the English Championship (Champion Ship).

General Assembly: The 36 clubs participating in the first and Second league competitions in Germany will hold a general assembly tomorrow, Tuesday, whose main focus is to discuss the possibility of the fans returning to the stands again in the next season of the league that begins in mid-September.

The German Bundesliga wants clubs to agree on temporary measures, including banning the attendance of fans of the away team, banning crowds, and banning the sale of alcohol at the stadiums, in order to try to return the fans again while making sure to limit the spread of HIV infection.

However, the final decision regarding the return of the fans to the stadiums is supposed to be taken by the local health authorities in the cities where the clubs are located.

Source : Agencies

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