The beginning of the end .. Chelsea and Manchester City are the first to withdraw from the separatist European Super League

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It seems that the journey of the separatist European Super League will not last long with the signs of the end of the experiment in its infancy, with news of teams ready to withdraw from this tournament, and the beginning of Britain – the cradle of football – and specifically from Chelsea and Manchester City.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said that Chelsea had begun preparing the necessary documents to request withdrawal from the new European Super League.

This coincided with the gathering of dozens of fans of the team outside Stamford Bridge, before the start of the team’s confrontation against Brighton in the English Premier League.

On the other hand, the British network confirmed that Manchester City also decided to withdraw from the tournament, which was widely rejected at the popular and official level in England.

Edward, the chief executive of Manchester United, has resigned from his post, and press reports have talked about the possible resignation of Juventus President Andrea Agnelli, due to reactions against the new tournament.

For his part, Barcelona club announced that the final decision regarding participation in the European Super League will be subject to the vote of those involved, if the idea of ​​holding the competition continues.

The Catalan television station TV3 said that the contract signed by Barcelona president Joan Laporta with 11 other founding clubs includes a clause that allows the club to withdraw from the agreement if its members do not agree.

Media sources confirmed that the founding clubs of the new tournament are holding an urgent meeting tonight to discuss the future of the competition.

This news came less than two days after the official announcement of the launch of the tournament with the participation of 12 founding teams, a move that was rejected by FIFA, the European Union (UEFA) and all local federations in Europe.

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