Clasico: Between the passion for sport and the tension of politics

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Scheduled initially last October, the Clasico, unmissable and eagerly awaited meeting between the two giants of the league, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, will finally take place this Wednesday, December 18 at Camp Nou, against a backdrop of political tensions, linked especially to independence demonstrations in Catalonia.

Indeed, between the passion for sport, unquestionably unleashed by football in Spain and around the world, and the tensions engendered by political conflicts, the Clasico will nonetheless put two teams eager to take the lead of the championship Spanish thanks to the 3 points possibly garnered during this meeting, and thus become the new undisputed leader of the Liga.

The calculation is simple, with 35 points each, both Barca and Real, hooked this weekend, need this victory, to take a little wider compared to each other, but also to pursuing Seville (3rd, 31 pts).

Postponed once due to the demonstrations in Catalonia, the Clasico remains under the threat of new tensions which could be punctuated by clashes with the security forces, strongly mobilized on this occasion, in the sense that some 3,000 police and agents security will be deployed.

Several rallies are indeed expected, especially around Camp Nou, and pose the threat of a further postponement of the meeting.

In this regard, the independence platform Tsunami Democratic, previously the author of a partial blockage of Barcelona airport in October and the closure of the main highway connecting Spain to France for two days in November, intends to take advantage this match, which drains millions of supporters and viewers around the world, to get its messages out.

For Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of FC Barcelona, ​​whose club will be held responsible for any overflow or potential altercations, the situation is “complicated”, but manageable.

“We know we are having a complicated social and political moment, but I am convinced that it is compatible with being able to play a football match,” he said.

For his part, the Casa Blanca coach Zinedine Zidane wanted to be reassuring by trying to play down the drama. “It’s a simple football game. There’s a lot going on around, but in the end, what people want to see is a good game, “he said.

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