“Cloud gaming” or the war of the giants

Photo | Florian Olivo -Unsplash

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Cloud gaming represents a real revolution for the video game industry; the big names in tech like Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, and even Amazon are constantly increasing their efforts to be the pioneers in this market. booming.

Cloud gaming, or even “game on-demand” or literally “cloud gaming”, is defined as a technology allowing video games to be played regardless of location and screen (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.).

Above all, an innovation frees users from high-cost machines since its principle is based on the execution of games on servers hosted in a data center. The images are then broadcast in streaming, which is to say, in real-time on the player’s screen.

Moreover, after having revolutionized the industries of music, cinema, or even series, particularly with the inevitable Netflix, streaming promises to upset the world of video games thanks to the cloud.

This revolutionary innovation is the subject of increased competition between the giants of technology. Indeed, this market, estimated at half a billion dollars in 2020, could reach 4.8 billion dollars in 2023 and continues to attract more and more followers, according to Newzoo.

cloud Gaming
This groundbreaking innovation is the subject of increased competition between tech giants (Unsplash)

“The fact that Google, Microsoft, Tencent and others are entering this market underlines that the cloud, as a platform and service provider related to video games, represents the new competitive platform dynamic within the gaming industry. Video, ”said Piers Harding-Rolls, director of video game research and analysis at IHS Markit.

With this new service, the various players intend to compete in a decidedly very competitive field; Google thanks to its Stadia platform, Sony with PlayStation Now, Geforce Now from Nvidia, Shadow, xCloud from Microsoft or even the e-commerce giant “Amazon” which recently launched its platform in beta, in addition to the Facebook group, which very recently embarked on the adventure of cloud gaming.

That said, Microsoft remains the biggest challenger in the cloud gaming market with its xCloud project. It promises to provide its users with a complete offer with a rich and varied catalog. The xCloud intends to merge with the Xbox Game subscription and thus stream a wide range of games on any platform.

Jeff Bezos’ group, which also has an excellent network infrastructure, recently launched “Amazon Luna”, its dematerialized video game platform in beta version, only in the United States. Amazon, also the Twitch service owner, is therefore expected to be one of the leaders in the cloud gaming market.

For its part, Facebook very recently embarked on the cloud gaming adventure, through the acquisition of “Playgiga”, a Spanish start-up specializing in the field, but without directly attacking the giants of “games. in clouds ”. In a statement, Zuckerberg’s group explains that it prefers to focus on mobile games which will be completely free.

Ultimately, “cloud gaming” is advancing with giant strides, thanks to dazzling advances in technology and particularly with the imminent launch of 5G, which will surely facilitate the adoption of this new game mode.

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