Do you know the effectiveness of these two articles in coping with coronavirus?

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To say the least, the effect of these two substances is very terrible for sterilizing the respiratory tract in humans. Certainly, people have lost hope in pharmaceutical drugs, especially for people with COVID-19 disease.

Natural medicine is a form of medicine, and if modern medicine is what most people are looking for, natural medicine has a special place among different people, especially in Asia and North Africa.

Sterilization method using cloves and cinnamon

We put half a teaspoon of the two materials in a container and add about a quarter of a liter of water over a fire until the water evaporates and boils.

After that, we pull the pot over the fire, then we take a towel and covering the head and neck so as not to leave room for the steam that came out of the pot to lose it, then we approach a little and inhale this vapor – greater inhalation – for half a minute, and by this, we have sterilized the nasal sinuses and respiratory tract, because these substances filter out all the germs that can be suspended there.

Because these two substances secrete volatile oils, they eliminate the viruses that remain in the respiratory tract permanently. it is not recommended to do it for more than a 5 minute as a maximum period because its oils are strong, and 1 to 3 minutes is enough for it to do what is necessary. and can use the oils from these two products found in the markets and breathe them in for the same purpose.

Just to remind everyone, its use does not mean that you are not obliged to follow the health procedures of your country, such as staying at home and regularly using cleaning materials, this use remains an effective means of effectively cleansing the airways, instead of using any other substance, and therefore avoid infection with this virus which takes the airways the way to enter the body.