Comedian Claude Brasseur died at the age of 84

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Comedian Claude Brasseur, known for his roles in La Boum and Camping, has died at 84. Son of the great actor Pierre Brasseur and father of Alexandre Brasseur, Claude Brasseur was part of one of the greatest dynasties of French cinema actors.

Over the course of more than 60 years of his career, the French actor has played in more than 110 films and earned two Cesars for the comedy The Elephant Fools Big in 1977 and the movie La Guerre des Polices in 1980.

Claude Brasseur is dead

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One of the greatest personalities of French cinema has just passed away. In fact, Claude Brasor, known for his roles in La Boum and Camping, passed away Tuesday, December 22, at 84.

Claude Brasor died that day peacefully and quietly surrounded by his family. He was not a victim of Covid. Elizabeth Tanner, President of Time Art Agency, said that he would be buried in Paris by sanitary regulations and lie alongside his father in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

  • One hundred movies

This is how his real name Claude Espinas, the French actor, leaves sixty years of his career in film, television, theater, and a hundred films since his beginnings in the seventies.

Among them, we keep his roles in Un Éléphant ça Trompe in large measure, La Boum, Camping, or La Guerre des Police. Claude Braser stands out for his ability to feel comfortable in detective films and comedies.

Claude Brasseur is dead: tributes multiply
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Claude Brasor was a very popular actor, and he was one of the actors. Thus, since the tragic announcement of the death of Claude Brasor, Internet users, as well as media personalities, have praised him on social networks.Starting with Philip Labro, director of “La Crime” in 1983, Claude Brasor played Commissioner Martin Griffon. “He is an exceptional actor. By his death, people realize the wealth he brought. His film career is remarkable. Claude Brasor, who was meticulous in dialogue, was talented at sublimating every line,” said Philippe Labro.

“He is a hard worker, a hard worker, a fascinating man. He is a great emotion for me today; he is part of a dying generation.”

Frank Dubosque, who was photographed with him while camping, “kisses him for the last time,” while Jean Dujardin greets the handsome and talented Claude. And that’s not all! The other characters still want to speak, too, after Claude Brasor’s death. Among them is actress Mathilde Sener.

She said, “I knew he was in terrible shape. I’m not at all surprised that he disappeared.” Before he added: Claude Brauer was “a very charming guy, very cool, really very simple, a great companion.” And the assertion: “I have no negative memories […] on the contrary. With his career, he was a straightforward person, very ordinary.”

  • Mylene Demongeot bursts into tears

Meanwhile, actress Mylene Demongeot burst into tears as she talks on CNews about Claude Brasor’s death. She explained, “You know, three movies together, it’s been three years where we never left each other, where we laughed, where we cried.” “I loved Claude, we often counseled each other […], but I think he was a brilliant actor.”

However, the rain of tribute after Claude Brasor’s death is a test for his son, Alexandre Brasor, who is also a French actor. Hence, he preferred to suspend his life 2.0. In fact, he has deactivated his Instagram account. This should allow him to start his blacksmith more quietly.


Claude Brasseur career

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Claude Brasser, Godson of American writer Ernest Hemingway, hails from the actor’s family, from his great-grandfather Jules Dormont, nicknamed Jules Brasor, to his father, Pierre Brasor, one of the greatest actors in French cinema.

Claude Brasor was born in 1936 and began acting in the 1950s, “He has something that cannot be learned,” said the drama teacher. As a result, he subtitled Fouché, Napoléon, and Clémenceau on stage. He will even be invited to the famous “Fools’ Dinner” by Francis Weber.

  • Two czars

Over the years, several generations of bystanders have distinguished themselves. The youngest will remember the eccentric Jackie, who played him in the camping trilogy alongside Frank Dubuque.

Today, actor Claude Brasor has achieved huge fame with several movie roles, including the colossal Un éléphant ça Trompe. He won the Cesar Award for Best Actor in 1977. Three years later, he won the Best Actor award for The War of the Police.

From now on, the death of Claude Brasor mourns more than one person. However, it would undoubtedly remain in memory for a long time to come.