Concerns over transfer of Coronavirus to Trump’s deputy and Pentagon members

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US media revealed today, Tuesday, fears that the Coronavirus will be transmitted to US Vice President Mike Pence and members of the Pentagon, after visiting a military academy in Florida whose students were infected with the virus.

And announced the “Sarasota” Military Academy in Florida, southeastern United States, in a statement that one of her students and his mother have been quarantined starting yesterday, Monday, against the background of their infection with the Coronavirus, according to the American weekly “Newsweek”.

She added that the student’s diagnosis of the virus came days after contact with members of the Pentagon who were accompanied by the Vice President on a visit he made a few days ago to the academy.

She also indicated that the student “did not show any symptoms after he was infected with Corona,” and he was present at school during Pence’s visit. Still, he did not shake hands with him like other colleagues.

However, the academy’s executive director, Christina Baumann, called for quarantine “on every person who communicated with the injured as a precaution,” according to the same source.