Confession, photos and tools prove hacking inside of Twitter

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A sensation arose in the world after the penetration of the accounts of famous celebrities and senior politicians on Twitter, where a large number of prominent and documented accounts were made for global celebrities – including those of the American presidential candidate Joe Biden, technical pioneers Elon Musk and Bill Gates, former US President Barack Obama, and my company Uber and Apple – posts fake tweets about a request to transfer money in cryptocurrency, which is a huge hack for Twitter.

Did you penetrate Twitter from the inside?
“We used a delegate who literally did all the work for us,” one of the hackers told Motherboard. A second participant added that they had paid a Twitter employee inside, and the two speakers asked the site not to reveal their identity to talk about the biggest breakout.

On the other hand, a Twitter spokesperson told Motherboard that the company was still investigating whether the employee had pirated the accounts himself, or given hackers access to the tool.

Certainly, hackers took over the accounts using an internal tool in Twitter, as they provided the site with screenshots of the tool, one of which appears on the panel and the Binance account, which is one of the accounts that hackers seized today.

According to the photos, it appears that at least some of the accounts were compromised by changing the email address associated with them using the tool.

4 sources close to the lower hacking community provided the Motherboard website with screenshots of the user’s tool, and two hackers said they used this tool to change the ownership of some celebrity accounts, to facilitate the posting of fraud and request money from these accounts and their followers.

Breakthrough brings Khashoggi incident to mind
This Twitter tool is a prime example of the seriousness of this type of tool that enables workers in technology companies to access data from within.

While hackers in other cases bribe workers to take advantage of tools against individual users, they have acquired some of the largest accounts on the social media platform, posting tweets for Bitcoin frauds, in an attempt to monetize.

On the other hand, this incident also brings to mind two employees – one of whom is Saudi – in Twitter offices in the United Arab Emirates, using these tools to spy for Saudi Arabia against opponents of the Saudi regime abroad, among whom was the journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was subsequently killed At his country’s embassy in Istanbul.

The screenshots of this tool show details about the target user’s account, such as whether it has been suspended temporarily or completely or is in a protected state.

Twitter is in disgrace
A Twitter spokesman told Motherboard in an email: “According to our rules, we take action on any private personal information that is shared on Tweets.” After publishing the Motherboard article, the company said in a tweet, “We have discovered what we think is a coordinated attack of social engineering by people who have successfully targeted some of our employees by accessing internal systems and tools.”

Other pirated accounts include Mike Bloomberg, and Coinbase and Gemini. The hackers announced through these famous accounts that they entered into a partnership with an organization called CryptoForHealth, and they claimed that they will provide people with Bitcoin as long as they send them sums of money at the address they attached.

Soon after the acquisitions escalated, Twitter tweeted that users might not be able to reset their passwords or their tweets, while the company is fixing the problem.

Within an hour of the hack, Republican Senator Josh Hawley wrote a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, requesting more information about the hack, including how it occurred, how many users were hacked, and whether the hack impacted President Donald Trump’s account .

“Please communicate immediately with the Justice Department and the FBI, and take any necessary action to secure the site before expanding this breach,” Hawley said.