Congolese Silas Wamangituka arrested after discovering his identity fraud

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The German Football Association (DFB) on Monday banned Stuttgart striker Silas Katumba Mfumba (Wamangituka) for three months and fined him 30,000 euros after it was found that he had used a false identity for years.

Until last week, the player was known as Silas Wamangituka, but he revealed that his name and date of birth differed from what was announced, saying that it was his former agent who changed the data while managing his affairs as a teenager.

After the decision, Stuttgart sporting director Sven Meslintat said: “We both realized that he would be punished by the German Football Association, and at the same time the decision takes into account the exceptional circumstances of his case and we are pleased with the settlement of the player’s situation by the German Football Association.”

The ban imposed on the player expires on September 11, while the new football season begins in Germany on August 13.

The player and the club agreed to accept the penalty decision issued by the German Football Association.

The penalty came after the player admitted last week that he had been living in fear since he left the Democratic Republic of the Congo when he was 17 in order to play for a little-known French club.

The player confirmed that his name is Silas Katumba Mfumba and that he was born in 1998 and not in 1999, which means that he is currently 22 years old, stressing that the change of data was carried out by a business agent in Belgium who controlled his bank account and passport.

Silas joined Stuttgart in 2019 and scored 11 goals for him in the last season, thus being the club’s top scorer this season.

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