Conte does not want Messi in Inter Milan

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Rumors, denials and many assertions talked about the possibility of the transfer of Argentine star Lionel Messi, Barcelona captain, to Inter Milan, but there are those who see that the Italian coach Antonio Conte does not want the player in his team.

The former Italian football star Paulo de Canio expected Conte to oppose Messi, because the Argentine magician’s career will overwhelm the team, its news, the achievements of other players and the team’s victories.

Messi’s contract – which has gone through a bad season locally – with Barca expires in the summer of next year, and Italian media reports stated that the Chinese owners of Inter are determined to contract with the “Bulga” and are ready to offer a four-year offer for Messi for 260 million euros.

According to Canyo, Conte – who previously denied the team’s intention to sign Messi and considered that moving the Milan Cathedral from its place is easier than contracting with the Argentine captain – will oppose this deal, because it will catch the spotlight and highlight Messi’s goals, skills on the field and his moves outside.

Former striker Juventus, Lazio and the Italian team added – in a television interview – that “if Inter decides to sign Messi – apparently he is trying to sign him – does Conti agree to the presence of a Kemese player in the team? In my opinion: No”.

“The inclusion of Messi means that everyone will talk more about him than Inter, as happens with Cristiano Ronaldo in Juve and even more,” he concluded.

An earlier report by the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport stated that Inter would submit a four-year contract with Messi for 260 million euros.

According to the newspaper, Messi, 33, will have a net income of 50 million euros annually, exceeding what Juventus gets from Ronaldo.

Source: Spanish press