Coronavirus: FC Barcelona on the verge of bankruptcy?

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FC Barcelona has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. The La Liga giant has been warned that it could go bankrupt, in part because of the club’s erratic policy causing chaos behind the scenes.

This week, six members of the Barcelona board have resigned due to concerns over the direction the club is heading.

This followed discussions with players over a potential pay cut of 70% as Barcelona attempts to reduce the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the club.

In addition, the presidential candidate, Victor Font, believes that the Catalan club could face “economic bankruptcy and moral degradation” within the framework of the current board of directors.

“We can’t predict yet”
Font, who has the backing of Barça legend Xavi Hernandez and plans to run in next year’s election at the end of Josep Maria Bartomeu’s term, sent an open letter to members and the media on Sunday.

“For some time now, the Sí al futur project (yes in the future, in Catalan) has been warning Barça members that the Club is headed for the“ perfect storm ”- it was to replace the best generation of footballers in history, to build and finance the Espai Barça development project and compete with companies with almost unlimited financial resources, “he said.

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 “If the risks were great, they have now become gigantic. We are in the midst of a pandemic which has put the planet at a standstill and will have effects in all areas of life, also in sport, which today we cannot yet foresee, “he said. he warned, before adding:

“Likewise, for months we have witnessed a shameful escalation of chapters of the institutional behavior of the Club, in which the last event hides the gravity of the previous one, a process which has culminated in recent days with accusations and serious reproaches among the members of the board of directors, and six abrupt resignations ”.

Bounce on club scandals
In his open letter, Font alluded to recent scandals that tarnished the club’s reputation and argued, “We have to start from scratch. Despite sporting success in a large number of disciplines, a lack of transparency and a desire to generate more income than the rest but spending more than the rest with last minute offers to balance the pounds is an unsustainable model. ”

Font alluded to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as a reason for not demanding immediate elections, but closed his letter stating that he demanded a full briefing from Bartomeu and demanded such a creative board of directors, daring and successful than Johan. Cruyff wore the iconic navy blue and burgundy shirt in his day.


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