Coronavirus fertile ground for cybercrime…alerted by security services

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The security services of several countries, warns the alert against cybercriminals who in the current circumstances (coronavirus pandemic) use ransomware which propagates a phishing campaign.

This ransomware is rife behind a coronavirus tracking application called CovidLock, according to an information note arriving on our site. Available on the coronavirus app site the ransomware encrypts the devices of its victims who naively have previously delivered to hackers via CovidLock, accessibility and locking permissions. Cybercriminals will then ask them for a ransom of $ 100 (paid in bitcoins) within 48 hours if they want to recover data from their device (photos, contacts and other data).

The document also warns of other phishing and ransomware attacks, for example, when a victim accidentally downloads cartographic presentations of the spread of the virus from the Internet and launches a malicious application that will compromise his machine.

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In many cases, the attacks are based on phishing emails like the BlackWater variant, containing links or attachments that claim to contain important information about the COVID-19 virus. In reality from these open messages, malware will install itself and infect the computer with the risks associated with this (identity card theft, monetary and financial fraud, ransomware campaigns and others).

Generally, these sites once discovered are deleted, the National Center for Cybersecurity (NCSC) keeping watches over these scams and cyber threats. But it is a fact more and more cybercriminals are happy to make the coronavirus pandemic a business. Suddenly before these mischiefs so lucrative, we are witnessing an explosion of the ransomware under this theme of coronavirus.

Also, the source of this information advises countering these attacks to make sure to download safe applications using only the resources of governments and official health institutions regarding the coronavirus.