Coronavirus is of American, not Chinese origin…This evidence is provided by Beijing

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Although China was the first country in the world to witness the emergence of the coronavirus last December, then it spread during the following two months to kill over 3,000 people and infected over 80,000, China firmly refuses to describe the virus as Chinese.

China has faced statements and accusations against it regarding the source and origin of the virus, and launched a fierce war three weeks ago in response to the United States attempts to describe the Coronavirus as “Chinese” – where Trump described it in several media publications of the “Chinese virus” instead of the Coronavirus -, and authorities confirmed The Chinese via its media platforms, say that the United States is behind the virus that caused terror and panic in the world.

Since the first period of the emergence and spread of the virus, the Chinese authorities have formed a unit to deal with the crisis, which includes seven senior officials of the ruling party, some of whom are economists and other experts from the health, besides media propaganda experts.

And according to what some sources reveal, the Chinese authorities gave priority to the media propaganda to show their capacity to face the virus and to face it, and they were not sensitive to any description of certain countries or international media concerning the link of the virus with the Chinese city of Wuhan.

But it looks like the matter changed completely when one of the Chinese scientists came out three weeks ago to completely deny that it is a Chinese crown and to provide scientific evidence to prove that the virus, even if it was his first appearance in China, comes from another country.

As for the Chinese media affiliated with the Government Authority, they have reported many stories that confirm that the virus came to China from the United States during military activities, and some media did not hesitate to speak of a plot. That America had organized against China as part of biological warfare.

Besides its media arsenal, China has used its ambassadors around the world to confirm China’s innocence against the virus, via communication platforms and the media of the countries in which I locate them.

Instead of accusing him of being the source of the virus, China has sought to remind the world that it is the only country that has so far been able to control it and has offered its experiences in this area to worldwide, and this has been confirmed by sending a team of experts to Italy who is defeated in the pandemic’s face and that nearly 6,000 people have died and nearly 60,000 have been injured, including 3,000 crew doctors taking part in the fight against the deadly epidemic.

It should be noted that the Europe zone is the epidemic focus in the world, where the rate of aging is high, has contributed to the loss of many lives and to the deterioration of cases, and that its large countries like Germany and Spain could not manage because of the difficulty of their healings.


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