Coronavirus Terror forces countries to evacuate their nationals from China

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A group of countries intends to organize flights to China to evacuate their nationals, fearing that they may be infected with the Coronavirus, which has killed 41 people so far, and 1,372 people have was officially infected in China, according to the government report.

In a speech to the Chinese people, President Xi Jinping acknowledged that his country was facing a serious challenge due to the rapid spread of the new virus. He said that “life is of the utmost importance, and when the disease spreads, it is our responsibility to prevent and control it”.

The government has decided to suspend scheduled flights to and from China, and as of Monday, Chinese travel agencies will not be able to sell hotel reservations and organize organized flights.

US media has announced that the United States will evacuate its citizens from Wuhan, where the “Bloomberg” news agency reported that a “Boeing 767” plane will transport 90 people from Wuhan, which has been quarantined, to the states on Sunday. United.

The agency noted that the trip will also include US diplomats working for the US consulate in Wuhan.

Earlier, the American embassy announced the temporary closure of the American consulate in Wuhan and the departure of its members and their families after the spread of the A Coronavirus.

Jordan has announced that it is sending a plane to evacuate its citizens to the same Chinese city due to the Coronavirus, and an official source said the government has obtained approval from the Chinese authorities to evacuate its citizens residing in the Chinese city of Wuhan “as soon as possible”.

France intends to relocate nationals and relatives from Wuhan province of China, where the Chinese newspaper “South China Morning Post” reported on Saturday that the French consulate general intends to establish a bus service to transport the French to the city of Changsha in the Hunan province bordering Wuhan, in cooperation with the Chinese authorities.

The Russian Information Agency quoted the Russian Embassy in China as saying that Russia was consulting with China on the possibility of evacuating Russian citizens from Wuhan and Hubei, the center of the spread of the new virus, and according to the embassy narrative, none of the Russian nationals were affected by the virus.