Coronavirus: Towards the cancellation of Serie A?

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The spread of the coronavirus around the world has turned football upside down. The first championship to have taken drastic measures to fight the pandemic, Serie A is faced with a daunting dilemma and could well face a blank year.

With the coronavirus crisis hitting Italy hardest, Serie A clubs are increasingly pessimistic about the possibility of a resumption of the season, according to the Italian daily Gazzetta Dello Sport. The numbers of those infected continue to rise, reaching 74,386 by Wednesday evening with more than 7,500 deaths.

Earlier this month, Serie A, and all sports activities in Italy, were suspended by the Italian government until at least April 3, with the entire country confined due to the global Covid-19 crisis.

Ideally, the league could resume sometime between May 9 and May 16. However, it would be particularly difficult to end the season before June 30 as FIFA wants. The season could end until July.

According to Gazzetta, the worst scenario is that the season will be canceled, which would be more and more likely, given the delicate situation in Italy. If this happens, the current standings will be final and there will be no relegation from the league.


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