COVID-19: Trump declares national emergency and Congress prepares to approve emergency aid

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  US President Donald Trump today announced the nation’s state of emergency in the country to counter the dramatic escalation of infection and deaths from the emerging Coronavirus, while the US Centers for Disease Control said the number of people infected with the epidemic has risen to 1678 and the deceased has risen to 41. It is expected that the House of Representatives today will pass legislation that provides emergency assistance to meet the disease.

Trump declared that the declaration of a national emergency provides $ 50 billion to states and provinces to combat the disease and gives broad powers to the Minister of Health and health officials, and the US President urged state authorities to establish emergency centers to fight the virus, pledging to overcome legal obstacles to expedite testing for the disease.

Trump had said earlier today that Coronavirus tests in his country would be conducted on a large scale soon, explaining in a tweet, “We have made the changes, and the test will be conducted soon on a huge scale. We have removed all routine complications and are ready to go.”

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it had detected 1678 cases of the corona, 414 more than the previous census, adding that the number of deaths had increased by five to 41.

Trump criticized the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, saying that the screening system you use to detect corona infections will always be “inaccurate and slow to deal with a large-scale epidemic.”

Trump did not mention the reason for the inaccuracy of the examination system, but Anthony Fuchi – the most important US official in the fight against infectious diseases – said Thursday that people could not easily be tested and that the US examination system “is not completely consistent with what we need now.” 


In a related context, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said today that the House will pass legislation that includes an emergency aid package to deal with the spread of the virus.

The prospect includes providing free exams for Corona patients and the payment of a two-week sick leave for those confirmed with the epidemic.

On the other hand, Louisiana authorities announced today the postponement of the Democratic primary elections scheduled for April 4 to June 20 due to the Corona epidemic, thus becoming the first American state to take a similar decision.

The Reports reported that the governor of Texas’s western state announced that all of the state’s provinces had become disaster areas due to Coronavirus. And at least six US states have ordered the closure of schools after the high number of people infected with the epidemic.

The Boston Mayor said today that the Boston Marathon, the most famous in the world, will be postponed until mid-September due to concerns related to the Corona epidemic, and the marathon attracts more than 30,000 participants from all over the world.

Source: Agencies