Didier Drogba gives his country a hospital to fight the world epidemic

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In a humanitarian and solidarity gesture, the former star of the Ivory Coast soccer team put a private hospital at the disposal of the authorities in his country, as part of efforts to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus.

The charity of the former player of the English club Chelsea announced that it had granted the hospital to the authorities in Ivory Coast for use in a massive campaign to detect the Coronavirus.

The hospital established by Drogba has not yet opened, and it bears the name “Laurent Bocco”, the name of a former Ivory Coast player who died in 2016.

The governor of the capital, Abidjan, Vincent Toh B. Erie, expressed his appreciation to Drogba, saying that what the former Ivorian football star had done was “a patriotic act.”

The authorities in Ivory Coast are rushing to open 13 centers to test the Coronavirus, which has infected 533 people so far and killed four of them.

It is worth noting that the African continent is considered the least prevalent of the Coronavirus, compared to Europe, Asia, and the Americas. And up to the moment, the epidemic has reached nearly two billion people worldwide, and the United States of America is the country most affected by the number of injuries and deaths.

Source: Agencies