Dietmar Hopp: because of him the Bundesliga matches have been stopped

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The German football league’s game stoppage phenomenon continued to end at the end of this week due to fan protests against Hoffenheim’s biggest investor Dietmar Hopp.

Hoffenheim’s matches with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund with Freiburg and Cologne with Schalke stopped yesterday, and the same style continued today in the match between Union Berlin and Wolfsburg because fans raised offensive banners for the flames.

The match between Hoffenheim and Bayern Munich had two strangest events, as it was stopped twice due to the raising of banners on the side by Bayern Munich fans. A number of Bayern players and their officials have tried to persuade fans to remove the banner, and official threats have been received via loudspeakers that Bayern was losing the match because of these events despite their progress with six goals.

After the players returned in the 77th minute, they protested in their way against the attitude of the supporters and chose to transfer the balls between themselves until the referee whistled for the end of the match.


Hopp – 79 years old – has become the target of some fans who have opposed the use of his fortune to help Hoffenheim progressively progress from the lowest levels to the tournament of lights a decade ago.

Many Bundesliga League fans believe their clubs have certain traditions, and Hopp – the owner of the software company SAP – has been accused of destroying the traditions of Hoffenheim, just as the energy drink company RedBull, which dominated the traditions of Leipzig.

In 2014, this investor obtained an exemption from the “50 + 1” law which requires that 51% of the team’s shares be owned by club members, which prevents a person from acquiring the club alone. The association of the game justified this exemption with the money that the investor has invested for twenty years in the treasures of the team and a great help to the team at the level of amateurs and professionals.

Hopp pointed out that he did not know the secret of hatred held by a number of supporters, and said, “I don’t want to talk to these people because it’s useless, they live in another world.” He said he would continue to attend his team’s matches, saying it was the abusive supporters who should consider not attending.

All the clubs have distanced themselves from the actions of the supporters, and a spokesperson for the gaming union has confirmed that the disciplinary committee will open an investigation after calls for the imposition of severe sanctions against the hostile behavior of a Hopp person by the supporters of the invited team.

Source : Agencies