Do we wash our hands properly? Steps to wash hands to prevent coronavirus

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The World Health Organization, along with all ministries of health in all countries of the world, in conjunction with the emergence of the “COVID-19” virus known as “Corona Virus”, noted the need to wash your hands well and consistently as one of the most important ways to prevent this virus, but do you wash your hands in the way Correct that would protect you from this virus? Follow us in this article to know the answer to this question together.

The first step in properly hand washing to prevent COVID-19 is to moisten hands with clean running water, and then soap is applied to your hands.

Step 2
The second step in hand washing is to prevent corona virus by rubbing hands thoroughly with lather, taking care to spread the foam all hands by passing foam on the back and abdomen of the hands, between the fingers, and under the nails.

The importance of this step is due to the fact that the foam causes friction that leads to the removal of germs and dirt from the skin, and it is preferable to use a product containing alcohol to clean hands, especially if they are not clearly soiled to everyone, but if the hands are visibly soiled to everyone, use water and soap.

Step 3
Hands must be rubbed with soap or an alcohol-containing preparation for at least 20 seconds, and in order to calculate this period you can say the phrase “happy birthday” twice, and determining this period, at least for a specific time, is because the microbes can be removed more, during this period , Than washing hands for shorter periods than this.

Step 4

In step four, you must rinse your hands well from soap or lotion with alcohol under clean running water, and in this way you will have been able to kill the germs in your hands. Clean water can do that.

The final step
The last step in correct hand-washing steps is to prevent corona virus by drying your hands well with a clean towel or by air drying them … and be careful that wet hands can transmit viruses easily so you should dry them well.

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