Does Coronavirus affect the date of launch of iphone 12?

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Reports and leaks began to appear about what Apple plans in its iPhone 12 phones that it will launch during 2020, even before the company unveiled the iPhone 11 series last September.The next iPhone upgrade in 2020 is expected to be support for 5G networks, an addition that some analysts expect will boost demand for new iPhone 12 as Apple customers upgrade their smartphones.In a report published last November, Strategy Analytics expected that Apple’s entry into the 5G network’s race in the third quarter of 2020 will lead it to the forefront and overtake both Samsung and Huawei even though these companies launched smartphones that support 5G networks long ago. From Apple.

But with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on Apple and many other companies, it is now unclear whether Apple will be able to adhere to the launch times of its new, traditional phones in September.

In addition to supporting 5G networks, iPhone 12 phones are also expected to get other major changes, such as: the new design, different options in size, and the 3D camera similar to the new Lidar sensor on the iPad Pro 2020, according to the expectations of the famous technical analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and other reports.

Here’s all we know about the new iPhone 12 phones that Apple is expected to release later this year:

1- Design changes:

Some reports indicate that Apple will change the design of the iPhone 12 phones significantly this year, as phones can witness the return of the metal frame that was present in the iPhone 4.

A new report from Bloomberg also reported that the upcoming iPhone 5G phones will have a redesigned chassis with stainless steel rims, instead of the current curved design, with flat sides and sharper circular angles, such as the current design of the iPad Pro.

Also, the Notch size at the top of the screen that houses the front camera and Face ID sensors in the iPhone 12 is expected to decrease in size.

According to some reports, Apple is trying to get rid of the protrusion at some point in the future, as did the recent Android phone companies – Samsung and Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus, and others – and included the front camera in the same screen.

2- Changes in screen type and size:

All iPhone 12 models are expected to feature OLED screens, as OLED screens usually offer better contrast and deeper colors compared to LCD screens, but they cost more.

Reports also indicate that Apple will change screen sizes slightly this year compared to the iPhone 11 series that launched last year, and here is what we know about this so far:

IPhone 12: It has a screen size of 5.4 inches.
IPhone 12: has a 6.1-inch screen.
IPhone 12 Pro: featuring a 6.1-inch screen.
IPhone 12 Pro Max: houses a 6.7-inch screen.

3- Support for 5G networks:

All iPhone 12 phones are expected to support 5G networks, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that only two iPhone 12 phones will support 5G connectivity and has also reported that Apple may rely on the 5G chipset provided by Samsung and Qualcomm in iPhone 12 phones And, given that Apple and Qualcomm have settled their long-running legal dispute, this move may not come as a surprise.

Apple also bought an Intel smartphone modem in a $ 1 billion deal during July, a move that is likely to help the company develop its own modems.

4- 3D camera and bigger sensor:

Another major feature of the upcoming iPhone 12 is expected to include the inclusion of a more powerful and realistic 3D camera to develop augmented reality performance. It is expected to include the Lidar sensor that came with the new iPad Pro, a scanner that can measure distance by determining how long it takes light to reach something before reflection.

Multiple reports have indicated that the rear camera of the device comes with many improvements, including larger sensors that capture more light for better image quality, along with the transition to a mechanical image stabilization system.

The latest information comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said: “The larger iPhone 12 with a 6.7-inch screen will also have a mechanical image stabilization system to compensate for handshake, as well as a larger sensor that helps reduce image noise.”

5- iPhone 12 price starts at $ 650:

The iPhone 12 version, which comes with a 5.4-inch OLED screen, could be cheaper than the iPhone 11 according to the expectations of technical analyst John Prosser.

Prosser and Ming-Chi analysts also reported that the iPhone 12 will come in four different versions. “Two of the new iPhones will have a dual-lens back camera,” says Prosser.

One will feature a 5.4-inch screen with a price starting from $ 649, while the other will feature a 6.1-inch screen with a price of $ 749.

6- Does the Coronavirus affect the launch date of the new iPhone 12 phones?

Apple usually announces its new phones every year during an event in September, but this may change that year due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, which has slowed the Apple supply chain, forced employees to work from home, and pushed Apple to close retail stores outside. China until further notice.

Because of supply chain problems, Nikkei Asian Review reports: “Apple is concerned that demand for new iPhones may be weak amid the layoffs caused by the Coronavirus.

Also, the launch of phones during the upcoming fall season is not outside the schedule of Apple, but it will make a final decision in approximately May, and in the worst-case scenario, the company will postpone the launch date to 2021.

JP Morgan analysts also expect that the launch of the iPhone 12 may be delayed by a month or two. It has also been reported from Bloomberg that some of the new iPhone models may be released weeks after the usual date, but it is still on its way to appear in the autumn timeframe.