Donald Trump’s test results showed he was not infected with the Coronavirus

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White House doctor says that the results of President Donald Trump’s tests showed that he was not infected with the Corona virus.

Earlier, the Brazilian president announced that he was not infected with the virus, but that he was put under health surveillance, while Trump said in a speech yesterday, Friday, that he does not have symptoms of the virus, but he will conduct an examination in all cases.

American media also reported that the Australian Minister of the Interior, who was declared infected with Corona, met the daughter of US President and Adviser Ivanka Trump and US Secretary of Justice William Barr a week ago.

The Brazilian embassy in Washington also announced that its Chargé d’Affairs Ambassador Nestor Forster was infected with the new Corona virus after an examination, after the virus was discovered by the Brazilian Minister of Communications.

Forrester participated in the delegation accompanying Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro during his meeting with US President Donald Trump on March 7.