Emily in Paris … Serie everyone loved and hated by the French

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The new Netflix series “Emily in Paris” received a huge number of views, to become the most-watched on the platform, whether in Arab or foreign countries. The work belongs to the category of drama that combines comedy and romance, which many searches for and find an outlet for them away from Reality pressure.

The series increased the popularity of the series because its author was Darren Star, the author of one of the most famous female dramas of the 1990s, the series “Sex and the City”, which spanned over 6 seasons won 8 Golden Globe Awards. Filmmakers. Secondly, knowing that his story is taking place in the French capital, which gave viewers beautiful and attractive pictures of Paris’s most famous landmarks in the background.

Emily is in Paris
The American series, one of the original works of the Netflix network, released its first season of 10 episodes last October. Andrew Fleming directed it, and its starring role was attributed to Lily Collins, Kat Walsh, Lucas Bravo, Ashley Park, and Philippine Leroy Pollio.

The plot of the work revolved around a young twenty-year-old American who is chosen at the last minute to move to Paris – instead of her boss, who had just discovered her pregnancy – to work in a new branch that the advertising company she works for. Provided that its mission is to introduce employees at the French headquarters to the American perspective necessary for marketing, which will ensure that they reach a larger segment of the public and, thus, customers.

There the heroine discovers that she is not welcome; on the one hand, she does not speak French, making it difficult for her to deal with those around her. She makes her the object of disapproval of her colleagues. On the other hand, French workers refuse to change. They find the American perspective threatening the idea of ​​originality, refined taste, and many other constants, which They embrace fashion, etiquette, and the simplest business rules.

Which brings her into a constant struggle with her manager, in light of her constant feeling of loneliness and alienation, so that her posts on Instagram are her only entertainment, amid her constant attempts to win everyone’s favor and prove the ingenuity of her marketing ideas and her worthiness to follow.

Fall into the profiling trap
Although the work achieved success at the public level as it was a light work aimed at delighting the viewers and allowing them to clear their brains without pressure on them with any philosophical ideas or strong feelings that they are indispensable; however, it was met with an insignificant attack, either from the critics or the French.

Racism and anti-racism
The series only reflects the stereotypical image of the French people, whether they are closed in on themselves and their culture, or that they are arrogant and do not tend to speak without their language, while their greatest interest is in smoking, wine, and having sex, in addition to promoting Paris as an organized, clean and attractive city all the time.

It is an idea that only American tourists and filmmakers embrace, as according to the recognition of the French themselves, Paris, like other cities, has an ugly face.

This imperfect flatness aroused the anger of the French. While some felt outraged, others reacted sarcastically to American culture, which the makers of the series tried to promote as the best, most modern, and freshest, so what they had only presented a work that showed the true difference between the American and French cultures, in a way that came In favor of the French.

The heroine of work, although she is ambitious and persistent, and able to stand up to everyone who rejects and challenges her, believing in her talent and practical skills; However, in terms of responsibility and culture, she seemed to be shallow, despite the length of her work and the importance of her learning of French; However, she quickly aborted her plan and settled for relying on others to speak English.

As for the level of work, with all her innovative ideas, which in most cases were successful in a way that seemed exaggerated. However, she dealt with the matter with naivety and disparagement, without consulting her subordinates or caring for the consequences.

The funny thing is that this image corresponds precisely to the template that the French put in place the Americans, as they are uneducated, naive and consumerist people, which puts us in front of a question that raises itself, why did the French get angry at the stereotypical and racist image that they appeared in the series if they were similarly dealing with others?

“Emily in Paris” is a series suitable for viewing by simple and funny job seekers that showcases some drama and many romantic relationships, with a backdrop of stunning landscapes and lots of beautiful and distinctive costumes. But if you are looking for a deep series that offers interesting ideas, do not waste your time and choose another workpiece.

Source: Al Jazeera