A period of exceptional Mercato expected by FIFA, due to the Coronavirus crisis

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The International Football Association (FIFA) has revealed more flexibility regarding the player transfer market because of the outbreak of the newly infected coronavirus (COVID-19) and pointed to the possibility of an exceptional third transfer period.

Until now, the players’ transfers are limited to two periods: the first is the transfer period between every two seasons in a row and it is not allowed to extend more than 12 weeks, and the other is in the middle of the season, and it is not allowed to exceed a period of one month.

“What we can see now in this crisis is that unions may open the way for an additional third transfer period, we will deal flexibly with this if the total time for transfers does not increase,  On 16 weeks,”. Said in a comment to German “IRD TV”.

FIFA had recently issued several recommendations and guidance on transfers and player contracts in light of the Corona pandemic crisis.

The International Federation defended the idea of ​​extending the contracts of professional players with their clubs until the end of the currently suspended season, knowing that June 30 is the date that most clubs set for the end of their players ’contracts, and most expectations indicate that the leagues will not be completed before this date.

The transfer of players scheduled for this summer must begin after the season actually ends, and despite this, FIFA cannot provide any binding requirements in this regard. Kitching said, “We must recognize that the priority is always to the national labor law and the independence of clubs and players.”

Source: Agencies