Watch “Facebook Dilemma”… How did Zuckerberg’s anti-authority thinking affect the world?

The documentary shows how Facebook has become a rather disturbing global empire

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By deconstructing the world’s most powerful social network’s entrepreneurship strategy, the documentary, “The Facebook Dilemma” illustrates how this company has become a rather troublesome empire.

Writing in Le Novel Observateur, writer Anne Sounio quotes Mark Zuckerberg as saying, “I think it is important to take a risk, even if that means having to apologize later, rather than checking that everything is going well but without achieving anything.” “.

She explained that this philosophy is inspired by opposition thinking and a kind of disdain for authority, which can be summed up in the slogan “Move quickly and break the rules.”

Zuckerberg celebrated, in June 2005, the number of Facebook users reached 3 million. Since then, the University Directory that was geared to getting students online has grown into the world’s most powerful social network, with more than two billion users every month.

Make the world online, but at what cost?
The author adds that in 2018, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal (when it was discovered that the personal data of 2.7 million European users was in the hands of the British data analysis company), Facebook was involved more than once in spreading fake news during the Arab Spring revolutions and the 2016 US presidential campaign. Mark Zuckerberg had to defend himself before the US Congress.

When asked about the misuse of the platform, data protection, or risks of political manipulation, he replied in the same way, “It was my fault, I’m sorry.” Once again and in an unconvincing way, as usual, the former student-turned-billionaire businessman apologizes for not realizing in time how sick minds can misuse Facebook.

Provides network connectivity, yes, but at what cost? Does Facebook’s harm exceed its benefits? To answer these questions, journalist James Jacoby interviewed experts and former employees of the California-based Facebook company, some of whom preferred to leave the company, in addition to victims of the Facebook system around the world.

By carefully considering this entrepreneurial strategy carefully, Jacobi’s in-depth investigation shows how this company has become a rather troublesome global empire.

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Source: Le Novel Observateur + social media