Facebook employees remove Mark Zuckerberg from the list of CEOs

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As long as Facebook employees are known for their total loyalty to the company and its founder Mark Zuckerberg, but recently – and in the wake of many privacy issues – this loyalty has begun to fade.

According to new data from the site “Glassdoor” – a site that allows employees to secretly evaluate their jobs and their executives – the ranking of Marc Zuckerberg among senior executives in the United States this year fell from number 16 in 2018 to 55 this year.

Zuckerberg received 94% employee satisfaction, according to Glassdoor data, while it was 96% last year.

The average satisfaction rate of the executive director in the company has a staff of 900 thousand 69%, so the mark Zuckerberg of 94% is much higher than the average, even if it is not as high as before.

Zuckerberg was the best CEO in the United States when Glassdoor started in 2013 for the first time in the executive director rankings, with a 99% satisfaction rate, and the company was generally the best place to work, and this year fell to seventh place as the best place to work.

Employees of technology companies, such as Google, Uber, and Amazon, have become more allowed to criticize their employers recently, and the increased dissatisfaction of Facebook’s employees for the first time is thus a warning of the possibility of protests for Facebook workers .

Why did Zuckerberg lose his popularity?

Glassdoor has commented on causes that may be behind the collapse of Zuckerberg’s popularity, pointing to the general negative sentiment toward Facebook in recent years, where the company has suffered a number of problems in its program including the Russian intervention in the presidential elections in 2016, and many private incidents related to the storage of users’ passwords on unencrypted servers.

As a result, Zuckerberg and his company have been criticized by the media and politicians. Accordifacng to several news, the Federal Trade Commission is preparing to investigate with Facebook about the potential monopoly of the company.

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