Facebook grants British health facilities Portal devices

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UK health officials are collaborating with Facebook to facilitate communication with friends and family by providing hospitals, care homes and other facilities with video calling devices Facebook Portal, as the social media giant has donated up to 2,050 devices through a pilot program that begins in Surrey and expands to Manchester, Newcastle and London And other regions.The primary purpose of these devices is to allow residents to communicate with loved ones they cannot see during the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, as well as to allow NHS staff in these locations in coordination with people working remotely and supporting the efforts of the remote health services.

“The company has designed Portal devices to give people an easy way to communicate and to be more present with their loved ones,” said Freddy Abnousi, head of health technology at Facebook, adding that the ability to stay in touch is more important than ever in light of the global epidemic and spacing measures. Social.

The Portal which was first released in 2018, is a separate screen for making video calls through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and includes a microphone, speaker and camera with a wide-angle lens that can automatically magnify targets, and this device can be more suitable for making calls instead of a smartphone.

“Large and small technology companies continue to pledge their resources and expertise to support the British National Health Service and welfare system in these unprecedented times, and we are working hard to find services that meet and develop people’s needs,” said NHSX Director of Digital Transformation, Digital Branch of the National Health Service.

These devices encountered problems relating to trust and privacy, but their use in the hospital may be less problematic than at home if dealing with the portal as an instrument and not a device that always works. Some kind of digital problem.