Facebook officially rejects Bezos phone hacking via WhatsApp

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Facebook’s chief global communications officer Sir Nick Clegg has confirmed that Facebook, the owner of the WhatsApp application, is very confident that the alleged phone hack of Jeff Bezos, founder of the Amazon company, will is not produced via the WhatsApp app. To refute allegations of Muhammad bin Salman’s involvement in the Washington Post owner’s telephone penetration.

In an interview with “Today” on “BBC Radio”, Sir Clegg, former British deputy prime minister, said that the WhatsApp application had “Final Encryption” and that if there had been piracy, this could have happened on the phone’s operating system and is not a WhatsApp application, according to the British site iNews.

This statement decisively revealed the inaccuracy of the report prepared by a team of investigators from a private cybersecurity firm hired by billionaire Jeff Bezos and founder of Amazon’s website to examine his phone and research how the American newspaper “National Inquirer” obtained intimate photos of him and his lover Lauren Sanchez.

Also, Clegg said, “We are very confident that the WhatsApp encryption functionality has not been compromised.” He added, “It is an encrypted system between the sender and the recipient, which means that only these parties can see the messages and that the messages are not accessible during the transfer. ”

Investigators’ report from FTI investigators said suspicions are circulating about the penetration of the Bezos phone via a WhatsApp message by activists of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and that they were unable to access the basic phone system because Bezos he forgot an iTunes application password, but what he said Clegg refutes the allegations mentioned by investigators in their report.

A detailed report published by the “New York Times” confirmed that the report of the investigators of Jeff Bezos has nothing to do with reality either technologically or media, as the company and the editor of the newspaper “National Inquirer” have already repeatedly announced that the source of the leaked images of the Amazon founder’s phone was the brother of the mistress of Bezos. Michael Sanchez, that he received $ 200,000 against the photos and information.

The newspaper “The British Guardian” published this week a report on the subject, which he indicated that parties preferred not to reveal their identities confirmed to him that electronic militants of the Saudi prince Muhammad bin Salman were behind the penetration of the Jeff Bezos’ phone, coinciding with investigations into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The investigation is continuing in this case and may the FBI be entered on the line because it threatens several high-profile figures in the United States.

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