Facebook will start collecting user location data to fight the coronavirus pandemic

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Facebook will begin in the near future to collect data on the movements of users as part of the fight against the spread of pandemic coronavirus. This was reported in the company blog.

The publication explains that the location information of users located in the United States will be transmitted to researchers in an anonymous form. This should help assess the likelihood of the virus spreading in a given region. Thus, user data will help calculate the likelihood of people in the same area coming into contact with each other, determine where people are most often and which places they visit, as well as compile an index of social cohesion between areas and predict the probability of spread of the virus.

Based on the information received, it will be possible to monitor the seriousness with which residents of the United States take the authorities’ recommendations not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary, reports TASS.


As Facebook founder and head Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his page, in the near future, the social network may start using the tracking system outside of the United States.

According to recent data, nearly 1.42 million cases of the new coronavirus -COVID19- have been reported worldwide. The highest number of cases identified are in the United States (395,612 cases), Spain (more than 141,942 cases) and Italy (135,586 cases). A total of 81.9 thousand people died from coronaviruses and 301,788 patients were cured.

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