FC Barcelona returns to training after a long wait … and inaugurates the return

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Barcelona players returned to training on Friday after nearly two months of stopping due to the new coronavirus, while rivals Real Madrid will wait until next Monday to do so, at a time when local reports talked about the injury of at least three players from the Spanish league football clubs with coronavirus.

With a photo of his captain Argentine star Lionel Messi with the ball, Barcelona wrote on his Twitter account “Our Pyramid for this Moment” with the resumption of exercises at the Juan Camper Center, but individually according to the virus prevention measures.

According to the reports, the players respected the health protocol strictly, as they arrived on their own, taking the necessary precautions and their sportswear, and they were divided into three stadiums without going through the clothes rooms.

They then ran running exercises, took tests to measure the effects of isolation on their physical condition, and at the end of the exercise, they received the equipment and clothes for the next session.

Seville, Villarreal, Osasuna, and Leganes returned to the exercises while respecting the health protocol in its entirety.

In addition, the Catalan radio station RAC1 revealed positive tests for “Covid-19” for three first-class players and two second-class players in Spain.

For his part, the royal club set the date for the first training session next Monday in the Valdepass Center, nearly two months after the club put all its various sports in quarantine after one of the basketball team was infected with the virus.

During the stone period, there were no symptoms of “Covid-19” on any of the Real players, according to the local press, but the team of French coach Zinedine Zidane begins the gradual return to normal life without the young Serbian striker Luca Jovic due to a fracture in his right foot.

The League announced last Monday that it intends to “return to competitions in June”, after it gave the local authorities the green light to resume the individual exercises of the professional tournaments this week gradually, in preparation for the return of the pending competitions since the middle of last March.