FC Sevilla Club shocks the La Liga with a party and a hookah smoking session

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The Spanish la Liga barely breathed a sigh of relief after being granted a license to prepare for the continuation of rivalries next month, until a scandal surfaced again questioning the safety of the decision.

A scandal-hit the Sevilla soccer club at the weekend and its heroes were right-wing Luca Ocampus, midfielders Modo Vasquez and Ever Banega, alongside striker Luca de Jong. All of them organized a party last Saturday (23 May) attended by more than a dozen people, despite the strictly imposed social deportation measures in Spain.

Pictures posted on social media showed how the people who attended the party did not respect the distances of spacing and appeared side by side, but rather the Spanish press reported that the players smoked from the same hookah, theoretically meaning the possibility of a new outbreak of infection in the Spanish League.

The first to reveal the matter, was Valera, the wife of Banega, who posted photos from this meeting on her Instagram site. Soon, it was taken by the Spanish newspaper “Marca” and published two of them before Valera removed the original photos from her account.

The two pictures, published by Marca, show the four players accompanied by their wives and friends, sitting next to each other at a barbecue, while last Saturday in Sevilla the temperature reached 37 degrees Celsius.

The second picture showed a hookah, which some saw as conclusive evidence of group smoking.

This comes at a time when the Spanish League is preparing to resume competitions on the eighth of next month.

And because a movement like this would topple the plans of sports officials in a country that is among the countries around the world most affected by the Corona pandemic, the President of the League, Javier Tibas, blew his anger through the media, stressing that the players “must exercise caution because we thus eliminate jobs and livelihoods.”

He added, “It is very possible that he had attended this meeting with (Coronavirus) without showing symptoms. And it seems that everyone used one hookah. They are responsible for what they do. The procedures are strictly enforced in the playing and training areas, but I am concerned about such behaviors” says Tibas.

On the other hand, the four players, separately, on social media, offered their apologies, admitting that what they had done was a non-literal behavior.

In particular Banega, whose wife blew up the scandal without knowing, he wrote: “I want to apologize for what happened yesterday. It was a family meeting in the presence of friends, and it was the wrong business. And I want to extend my apologies to the club, to the fans, and to the whole society. I will never repeat that. We just want to play again.”

If there is no emergency, Banega will be with his team on the 11th of next month with the first match for Sevilla after the pandemic, and the team will be gathered at Betts Club.