Features and cost YouTube Premium…worth the experience?

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Is YouTube Premium worth the experience?

YouTube is the world’s largest public broadcasting platform, where anyone can start a channel on it, create content, and then share it with the world. YouTube has evolved into a business-building model, allowing many subscribers to earn large sums of money while doing something they love.

Money comes from advertisements. Almost every YouTube video clip displays one or more ads, and YouTube shares the profits with the content owner. But now YouTube Premium has completely changed this dynamic.

But what does YouTube Premium mean?

YouTube Premium .. and the paid content industry
YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime, but why not pay a subscription to the YouTube service that you can access most videos on YouTube for free. So what exactly would you get if you paid the asking price for this YouTube experience?

Blocking ads for clients of this service is perhaps one of these features, but it is not the only one, there is special content displayed on this platform, and there are other features, including the ability to download and play videos in the background and others.

You will review these services in detail to find out whether the service deserves the user’s attention.

YouTube Premium is ad-free
Banning ads is the first reason why you are considering subscribing to YouTube Premium if you use this platform continuously, but if you only watch a clip from time to time, this service may not be suitable for you.

But for some, especially those working in the world of technology blogging, design, engineering, or even game viewers, they are permanent YouTube users, and they appreciate this service, which excuses them from seeing ads that sometimes extend to five or six boring advertising breaks for the long video.

Original content .. Pay for better content
When we talk about paying YouTube to watch private content, we must compare this service with Netflix and Amazon services, which is what favors the two global platforms and their heights compared to the YouTube service. This is of course largely a matter of personal taste, but we haven’t found any “watchable” content among the choices that YouTube Premium offers.

There is a list of YouTube Premium on Wikipedia that gives the viewer an idea of ​​the special content YouTube offers on this service.

Download videos using the YouTube application
You may already have the ability to download videos using the YouTube mobile app. The platform has made this feature available to some developing countries for free some time ago, but if you are not in one of those specific countries, you will have to pay for this concession.

When you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you will see a download button below a video clip in the YouTube app. You can use this button to download the video to your phone or tablet’s memory. This is useful for downloading videos while using the Wi-Fi network, then watching the clips later. This will be useful if you want to watch videos on a plane or on the subway.

Youtube music

You only need an active internet connection every thirty days to renew the license for downloaded videos.

Allow video clips to run in the background
Paying for YouTube Premium allows you to listen to YouTube videos in the background while switching to other apps. Almost as if it were a podcast.

The importance of this feature depends on the type of content you watch, as most people resort to pausing videos if they have to switch to browse mail or other sites.

YouTube Music Premium might be an amazing deal
Music broadcasting services are among the prevailing trends currently, and there are many providers of this service, among them Apple Music, Spotify, and Anghami in the Arab world, which are big names in the music broadcasting game.

Compared to the big names, our first impressions of the YouTube service for streaming music are not good as they lack quality design in general.

What makes this service attractive is that it is automatically included in the YouTube Premium service, which relieves the user from paying money for two applications while he can get music and movies in one service.

YouTube Kids for a family
If you have children watching YouTube Kids, you will be happy to know that they will also not have to watch ads. This could save you more money by blocking all the game advertisements they see on YouTube Kids Open.

The cost of YouTube Premium .. is it worth?
The price of YouTube Premium varies from region to region. In North America, the service price is $ 11.99 for a single user subscription, and $ 17.99 for a family subscription, while in the Arab Gulf the service reaches less than eight dollars per user. The family plan is priced at ten dollars that can include five people in your home, where everyone gets a Premium YouTube subscription and “Music” or their own music, so it is a great saving.

In general, we think YouTube Premium represents excellent value for money, especially when it comes to family planning. But is it worth your money? If you watch YouTube on a daily basis, are afraid of an internet bill or expensive mobile data, and want to listen to the huge YouTube music library without ads, and you have family members who share your interests, this is enough to make the price of the service worth it.

You do not have to pay money to try the service and decide on it. YouTube offers at the time of writing this report a one-month trial version, so users can try it and judge for themselves whether the YouTube Premium experience is worth moving to and paying for its services.

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