FIFA allows contracts to be concluded before the end of the current season

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FIFA has decided to amend its regulations exceptionally while allowing contracts to take place before the end of the 2019-2020 season, taking into account the period of forced interruption imposed by the outbreak of the new Coronavirus since March.

The International Federation confirmed on Thursday its recommendations issued in early April of the necessity of “giving priority to old clubs (for players wishing to move to new clubs) by ending the season” in its original formation without losing any of the players before the end of the season, by extending the contracts if It was necessary.

The FIFA Council office Thursday approved “temporary adjustments” regarding its regulations regarding the status and transfer of players, including allowing the “first registration period” for players, known in Europe as the summer transfer period, to “overlap” with the late end of this season for up to four weeks.

Usually, the summer transfer period begins as soon as the previous season is complete, and it is up to each national federation to specify the dates for the summer and winter transfer periods during which the transfer of players is permitted.

This amendment allows clubs to sign with new players, but they will not be able to participate in official matches except in the 2020-2021 season, and not in the current season, which has started to gradually resume activity after stopping for nearly three months due to the “Covid-19” virus.

The summer transfer period remains open until 12 weeks.

These reforms, which aim to make the transfer market more flexible while maintaining the “integrity of the competitions,” accompanied by the exceptional allowing any player to defend the colors of three different clubs during the same season, compared to two currently.

The summer transfer period promises to be complicated for the major championship clubs that have found themselves obliged to change their plans due to the long layoff that led to the extension of the season until mid-summer, with the exception of France, where the league was canceled early, allowing the opening of the summer transfers, but Monday, but only between the clubs “Ligue 1”, While the date for the transfer of players coming from outside the country will soon be determined based on what FIFA will issue, in coordination with other European championships.

Earlier Thursday, La Liga president Javier Tebas indicated that the summer transfer window will open as soon as the season ends, and it will be from late July to early October, which was also confirmed by Premier League chief executive Richard Masters by saying that the period The transfers will also open once the season is over.

In the case of players whose contracts expire before the end of the current season, FIFA called the clubs to extend them in “good faith and on fair and reasonable terms.”

The contracts of many players in Europe expire on June 30, several weeks before the end of the season.

The International Federation also recommended that players who signed preliminary agreements be allowed to join their new clubs on the first of July, to remain in their current clubs until the end of the season.

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