FIFA is entering the line … recommends that the contract for players and coaches be extended

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FIFA has officially proposed that the contracts for players and coaches be extended until the end of the season, after the suspension of many championships following the spread of the coronavirus.
In a statement, FIFA explained that there is the need to modify or temporarily waive the regulations on the status and transfer of players “to protect the contracts of players and coaches”.
Players who are transferred or are seeking to transfer at the end of their contract on June 30 must remain with their current club until the end of the season.
These measures are part of the governing bodies’ plans to deal with the effects of the coronavirus on the football season.
Extending the campaign beyond the end of June, when many players’ contracts have expired, has been the subject of significant controversy in discussions about how best to end the remaining games in this campaign.
On Thursday, the governing body of world football released a document to clarify the situation of players and coaches.
“This work has already started and will be carried out in consultation with all key stakeholders, including confederations, member associations, clubs, leagues, and players,” said FIFA.
A longer transfer window, given the contract issues
The document also recommends that the transfer windows be changed based on the new season dates.
While leagues around the world hope to finish their respective campaigns when the viral threat subsides, there is no real indication of when this could happen.
A situation that generates problems with the expiration of contracts and players joining new clubs on pre-contract agreements like the Moroccan star Hakim Ziyech – the former Ajax player – announced at Chelsea in July.
It has been claimed that the same approach would apply to offers for next season, with their start date delayed according to the changing schedule.
“In case of overlapping seasons and/or registration periods, and unless all the parties agree otherwise, priority must be given to the old club to end its season with its original team, to preserve the integrity of a national league championship, “said the FIFA document.