Finally, Biden turns the tables on Trump and wins the presidency

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US media reported that the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is the 46th president of the United States of America. Still, his rival, outgoing President Donald Trump, said that the elections had not been decided yet.

NBC, the New York Times and the Associated Press confirmed Biden’s victory and surpassed the required difference with his rival Trump in Pennsylvania, which is 35,000 votes.

By beating his rival, Trump, in Pennsylvania and Nevada, Biden had 290 votes in the electoral college, which requires only 270 for a candidate to win the presidential race in the United States of America.

In a series of tweets, Biden said, “I am honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country,” adding, “Our work will be difficult, and I will be the president of all Americans.”

For her part, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Biden’s election dawned a new day of hope in America.

In turn, the leader of the Democratic Senate, Chuck Schumer, said Biden would be a great president for all Americans.

In this context, Biden’s deputy, Kamala Harris, said: “Much work awaits us, and we will start with it soon.”

From Delaware, where Biden’s campaign is based, Al-Jazeera correspondent Mohamed Al-Moawad said that there are tight security measures and road closures in the region. Biden is expected to deliver his speech at 9 am EDT.

Denial of the result

As for the outgoing President Donald Trump, he quickly tweeted that “the elections have not been decided yet,” adding that Biden was rushing to announce his victory in the elections without evidence and falsely.

Trump had left the White House to his golf club, just before the Pennsylvania numbers were announced.

And at a news conference, the Trump campaign team said the reviews showed that Democratic Pennsylvania officials did not scrutinize the postal vote.

Immediately, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated Biden on winning the US presidency.

Court order

In Washington, a judge at the US Supreme Court ordered that ballot papers that arrived after 8 pm on election day be kept in separate boxes in Pennsylvania.

He also issued an order to state officials and Democrats, to confirm that they comply with previous directives issued by the state secretary, to keep ballot papers that arrived after the polls closed in a separate location.

President Donald Trump’s campaign filed a series of judicial appeals in several states to question the integrity of the mail counting of ballot papers.

But Judge Samuel Alito did not comply with the Republicans’ request to stop counting cards set aside based on his decision, as he wanted the Republican camp that could not lose this key mandate for Trump to remain in the White House.

The Democratic candidate had confirmed – in a speech he gave today at dawn – his confidence in winning the presidential elections, but without declaring victory, explaining that he was on the way to obtain more than 300 votes in the electoral college, expressing his hope that he would speak to the Americans tomorrow.

On her part, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi described Democratic candidate Joe Biden as an “elected president” of the United States.

In the opposite camp, Trump adopted a less blunt tone than the previous day when he spoke of “stolen” elections. Still, he remained vague about his intentions, according to a statement published.

Trump had renewed accusations of fraud without providing any evidence. He told reporters at the White House, “If the legal votes are counted, I win easily. (And) if the illegal votes are counted, they can steal the elections from us.”

For his part, Matt Morgan, general counsel for Trump’s campaign, confirmed that the US presidential elections are not over yet.

Security moves

Meanwhile, Portland, the largest city in Oregon, is witnessing a heavy deployment of US police to anticipate any protests.

Armed officers patrolled disturbed Portland neighborhoods and suburbs during protests the night after the US presidential election.

In the Manhattan neighborhood of New York City, a march called “Donald Trump is over.”

In Arizona, several Trump supporters gathered in front of the election center in Phoenix, the state capital, in conjunction with the continuing vote-counting process.

And in many states where Democratic candidate Joe Biden leads, election center officials said that the protesters ’anger at Trump supporters made them fear for their employees’ safety.

In Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada, protesters gathered in support of President Trump, and protested against the conduct of the elections and their results.

Some demonstrators carried banners demanding an end to what they described as theft due to the vote.

Source: Agencies