Football decision makers are taking advantage of the Corona crisis to build a new world for the round witch

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As the Corona crisis continues, calls are increasing for the current compulsory suspension to be used to rethink and make the crisis a defining moment in the world of football.
FIFA president Gianni Infantino said it may be time for “deep thinking”, as former Bayern Munich club president Olli Hoeness predicted that “a new world of football” would emerge as soon as the competitions resumed.
Clubs and federations are preparing for heavy losses, and the head of the European Football Clubs Association Andre Agnelli considered football on the continent facing an “existential threat”.
It is estimated that, for example, Bundesliga clubs will lose about 750 million euros if the season is not completed.
Infantino began discussing the renewal process, although he was in favor of expanding the tournaments since he was chaired by FIFA, and he led the project to increase the number of teams in the World Cup starting from the version of 2026 to 48 teams, and the establishment of a new championship for the Club World Cup consisting of 24 teams.
“This is about having fewer, but more exciting competitions, perhaps with fewer teams to achieve a better balance, as well as setting up fewer but more competitive games to protect the health of players,” Infantino told Italian newspaper “Gazzetta Dello Sport” – earlier this week. “This is not science fiction, let’s talk about this.”
Hoeness, who helped Bayern Munich to become one of the richest clubs in the world, believes that football in the post Coronavirus will have a different face. He told German magazine “Kicker” the current situation is dangerous, but also an opportunity to change the coordinates a little.
“I cannot imagine 100 million euros in transfers in the near future. The amounts of transfers will decrease, the amounts in the next two or three years will not reach the current level, all countries are affected. Certainly, there will be a new world of football.”
Ewald Lenin, technical director of the “St. Pauli Hamburg” club, asked: “Why must one club get five hundred million euros, and another one gets fifty? Or should players be paid varying salaries?”
St. Pauli club president said that the downsizing should take place now. “We must ask about the previous regime in professional football because it must leave a path for the emergence of a new system of solidarity,” he said.
German coach Joachim Loew made a statement in which he supported the return to the basic approach in society and football.
“The world has experienced a collective meltdown,” Loew said. “It seems that the Earth is defending itself against humanity, which it believes has always been able to do anything, and knows everything.”
“Power, greed, profit, has always been at the forefront. But now we have something that affects us all, and we realize what is important in life; friends, family, and respect for others. We must show that we can become different, and treat each other with respect.” Greater in the future. “
Source: Agencies and Websites