football fans refuse…Does De Bruyne deserve the award for the best player in the Premier League?

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The Professional Players Association in England crowned Belgian player Kevin De Bruyne with the award for the best player in the English Premier League; With a major attack and sharp criticism of the association on social media.

And the official account of the Professional Players Association announced – on Twitter yesterday, Sunday – that the Manchester City midfielder had won the award for the best player in England for the 2020-2021 season, attached to De Bruyne and a picture of him holding the award cup.

De Bruyne won the award for the second consecutive season, repeating the achievement of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United, and retired French star Thierry Henry when he was an Arsenal player.

Sports analysts and activists criticized the association’s selection of De Bruyne, pointing out that there are other players who deserve to win the award, far superior to the Belgian star, such as his teammate, Portuguese defender Ruben Diaz, and Premier League top scorer Harry Kane, in addition to Manchester United player Bruno Fernandes.

Foreign tweeters interacted with the Professional Players Association’s tweet, as one of the tweeters replied, “What is happening on the ground? Complete fraud. The man who topped the goals and made art did not win (meaning Harry Kane), and a man who was not even the best midfielder in his club won,” while Another said, “I can understand Diaz’s victory over Kane even though I totally disagree with him, but it doesn’t even make sense.”

It is noteworthy that De Bruyne played 23 Premier League games last season, scoring only 6 goals and making 12 goals, and he missed a number of matches due to injury or technical decisions from City coach Pep Guardiola.