For Apple users, beware of TikTok and other applications.

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Several reports that were published on the web after the release of the beta version of iOS 14 reported that TikTok is an app that is constantly reading the user’s clipboard, although the developer of the app said in March: “It will stop that within weeks.”

Apple has reinforced its commitment to privacy with iOS 14, which includes new features to give users more control over the data each app can access.

One of the new features comes in the form of a new alert that allows users to know that the application takes the information contained within the clipboard, so this feature reveals the behavior of some common applications represented by reading the clipboard data.

Once the new OS is released, users will be warned, whenever an application reads the last thing copied to the clipboard.

The new privacy alert continues to appear on the screen the entire time while the application is running, making users of iOS 14 beta worried about TikTok’s copying of personal data without permission.

TikTok told the British Telegraph newspaper: The app does not collect data from the clipboard, but rather has a system designed to identify repeated spam behavior.

The app claims that this feature triggers the new iOS 14 privacy alert, and for this reason, TikTok will not be able to automatically access the user clipboard with a future update of the app.

“We have sent an updated version of the app to the App Store to remove this feature in order to eliminate any potential confusion,” TikTok is committed to protecting user privacy and transparency in how it works. ”

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph report, there are other applications that are constantly checking the iOS portfolio, including AccuWeather, Overstock, AliExpress, Call of Duty Mobile, Patreon, and Google News.

There is still no clear reason for the applications to behave this way and to read what users have copied from other applications, but TikTok’s decision proves that Apple is right to add more privacy tools.