Former Google president reveals the real reason to attack Huawei

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Last year, the US Department of Commerce placed Huawei on the list of prohibited entities due to security concerns, and this list prevents the company from accessing the American supply chain and forced the Chinese company to replace Google services in its new phones.

With all these difficulties, Huawei was able to raise its phone shipments by 17% last year to reach 240 million units and surpassed Apple to become the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

In addition to moving to the second position in the world in phones, it is also a pioneer in all parts of the world in providing wireless network equipment, especially the 5G networks.

Espionage, envy, or both?
“There is no doubt that Huawei participated in some unacceptable practices regarding national security, and there is no doubt that the information is from Huawei’s routers,” he added. It eventually ended up in the hands of the Chinese state. We are sure this will happen. ”

Huawei has repeatedly denied accusations such as those made by Schmidt. In a statement from Victor Zhang, head of Huawei in the United Kingdom, he denied allegations that the company was close to the country’s communist government. “The allegations made by Eric Schmidt, who now works for the US government, are simply not true, nor are they supported by evidence. Huawei is independent of any government, including the Chinese government,” he said.

However, a law in China could compel Huawei to provide consumer and corporate intelligence if the government in Beijing requests it.

The United States needs Huawei
Schmidt seems certain that Huawei has committed some crimes that make it a threat to US national security, but it also indicates that the real problem American leaders face with the company is that Huawei is a Chinese company with a name known throughout the world that provides better products than its competitors.

“It is very important for us to have options, punishing the company for its success will not help American consumers. The answer to Huawei is a competition by owning a good product line and product,” says the former Google CEO.

Schmidt admitted that among the reasons that American leaders do not want to see Huawei thrive are old prejudices and prejudices, and he explained that among those provisions is to say, “They are very good at copying things, very good at organizing things, but they will not introduce anything new. They are good.” To steal our things if you want. ”

“These prejudices must be eliminated. The Chinese are good, and perhaps better in the major areas of research and innovation. They are providing more money for this. But differently, the money is directed by the state in a way that differs from that used in the West. We need to compete together.” “.

Schmidt called for the United States and China to work together when it comes to technology because the United States benefits when both countries work on the same platform. He said China has the money, resources, and technology to control, “The question is does it work on global platforms or does it operate on its platforms? The more separate systems, the more dangerous it is.”

Source: Aljazeera