Formula 1 fans will soon be having an appointment with important competitions

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Formula 1 racing organizers have unveiled an important program that requires 8 competitions to open competitions this season, and these races will be without a public presence, as of the Austrian Grand Prix scheduled for the fifth of next July.

According to the new schedule for the tournament published by the organizers, Austria will host two successive races on the fifth of July and 12 of it, before the Hungary Prize race on the 19th of the same month, and two successive races at the British Silverstone circuit on the second of August and the ninth of it, Spain on the 16th of it, Belgium, on the 30th of it, and Italy on the sixth of September.

“While we expect the season to kick off without fans in our races, we hope that the situation in the coming months will allow us to welcome them again when it becomes safe to do so,” said Chase Carey, CEO of the tournament.

“But we know that the return of Formula 1 will be a boost for sports fans around the world,” he added.

The 2020 championships were scheduled to start at Albert Park in the Australian city of Melbourne before the race was canceled due to “Covid-19”. The first ten races that were scheduled in the tournament schedule met the fate of cancellation or postponement to an unspecified date.

The return of the World Championship will be a glimmer of hope for the ten participating teams, some of whom were recently forced to take financial austerity measures in light of the stoppage of revenues. The effects of “Covid-19” also prompted the teams to take the decision to reduce the ceiling of their budgets for the coming years and to postpone the adoption of extensive amendments to cars and engines.

The organizers of the tournament and the group, “Liberty Media”, which owns its rights, hope to save the available season. And when the 2020 championship was to be the longest with 22 grand prizes, the organizers acknowledged that the realistic approach presupposes planning for only 15 to 18 races.

Drivers were quick to express their yearning for the season. “I prepare the days for the start of the F1 season in 2020. Only 33 days remain for the first race,” Red Bull driver Max Verchtaben said on his Twitter account.

The current season’s championship was to be the longest in terms of the number of races (22). But the confusion that hit the schedule due to the Coronavirus will definitely shorten it

Five basic actions

Organizers hope to hold between 15 and 18 races, with two consecutive races being held on the same circuit, or looking to stage races on tracks not listed on the primary schedule.

A statement issued by the International Motor Sport Federation (FIA) said, “Because of the smoothness of the situation at the moment in relation to the epidemic of ” Covid-19″ globally, the new schedule will be officially announced with the hope of holding 15 to 18 races between now and the end of Season in December. ”

A statement on the International Federation and the Formula 1 authorities stated that “as indicated earlier, it is currently scheduled that the first races will be held without an audience” for health reasons, and they expressed the hope that the first-class fans will return “when possible under conditions Completely safe. ”

The championship states authorities have established a series of five basic measures that will be applied on the margins of races to prevent the transmission of the epidemic infection, the most important of which are: periodic checks to detect “Covid-19” for all participants, holding races without an audience, especially in the early stages, a “significant” reduction in the number Team members who move from one country to another, travel “in isolation” from others, particularly through the use of special flights and the adoption of rules for social separation.