France develops 5G network without Huawei

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Contrary to the trend of the European Union and Great Britain, France is renouncing Huawei services in the deployment of the country’s 5G network.

The country’s largest telecommunications company – Orange – said it had chosen Nokia and Ericsson to deploy the fifth generation network in France, where Chinese company Huawei is facing intense political scrutiny in Europe

“For Orange, the deployment of 5G technology is a major challenge and one of the main priorities of the 2025 strategic merger plan,” said Fabian Dulac, CEO of Orange France. Adding: “We are delighted to continue our partnerships with Nokia and Ericsson, the main long-term partners, in order to develop a robust and innovative 5G network”.

Earlier this week, the European Union followed Britain’s decision to allow members to define the role Huawei could play in 5G telecommunications networks.

European Union countries may restrict or exclude high-risk 5G network providers such as Huawei from main parts of their communication networks, according to new guidelines, which aim to tackle cybersecurity risks for l EU at national and European level.

Britain’s decision – granting Huawei limited powers to deploy the fifth-generation network – has caused serious concern for the Trump administration who is seeking to block all Huawei ports – which Washington sees as a threat to its national security – in the context of the trade war between the USA and China.

 Source: Agencie