France ousts Germany with Hummels’ mistake

The French national football team dealt a new blow to its German counterpart, defeating it 1-0 on Tuesday in the opening matches of Group F in the first round of the European Nations Cup (Euro 2020).

The French team (the Blue Roosters) spoiled the return of all Mats Hummels and Thomas Muller to participate with the German team (Mannschaft) in official matches after more than two and a half years.

And at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, the French national team, the world champions, settled in their favor, one of the most difficult obstacles on their way to the dream of bringing together the European and world titles again.

The French team won its first three points in Group F (Group of Death) to finish second on a goal difference behind its Portuguese counterpart, who opened the group matches earlier today with a 3-0 victory over Hungary.

The only goal of the match came through friendly fire, as Mannschaft defender Mats Hummels scored it by mistake in his team’s goal in the 20th minute.

During the first quarter-hour of the match, the performance followed one pace, as successive attempts by the French team to advance from the middle of the field towards the German goal and the organization of my plans from the German team in the middle of the field and a clear defensive organization from the Mannschaft.

After playing most of the time during the first quarter-hour of the match, the 15th minute witnessed the first chance in the match with quick moves from N’Golo Kante and then a cross pass by Benjamin Pavard from the right side, but Hummels removed the ball from the front of the German goal before it reached striker Karim Benzema.

Two minutes later, the outstanding French striker Kilian Mbappe made his way to the German penalty area and succeeded in camouflaging in front of the defense line, then hit the ball powerfully and was blocked by goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to go out to a corner.

The French attempts resulted in the goal in the 20th minute after an organized attack in which Paul Pogba passed the ball from the far right to Lucas Hernandez on the left side to play the latter cross, and German defender Hummels tried to keep it away, but he turned it by mistake in the ceiling of his team’s goal to be the goal of submission to the blue roosters.

The goal infuriated Mannschaft, whose players rushed in the attack in search of the equalizer, but the French defense succeeded in blocking these attempts, including a free kick by Toni Kroos in the 25th minute that bounced off the human defensive wall.

The German attempts did not result in any goals in light of the tactical and defensive organization of France, before the French cock returned to exchange the offensive attempts of the Mannschaft.

The 38th minute witnessed the best chance for Mannschaft since the beginning of the match, after an organized quick attack and a cross pass played by Serge Gnabri from the left side, and Ilkay Gundogan met it with a shot from the center of the penalty area under pressure from Paul Pogba, the French midfielder, so the ball went away from the goal and the first half ended with the roosters advancing with a clean goal. .

The two teams resumed their offensive attempts in the second half, and each of them almost scored a goal in the first minutes of this half.

France had luck in the 52nd minute after a quick attack from the left, but Adrien Rabiot’s shot from inside the area hit the post and went into a goal kick.

The Germans responded less than two minutes later with a quick attack that ended with a shot from Serge Nabri over the crossbar.

Chances were repeated for the German team in the following minutes, but it did not result in an equalizing goal.

Mbappe scored a goal for the French rooster in the 66th minute, but the referee canceled it for offside.

Missed opportunities from the German team rolled in the following minutes, while Mbappe had the opportunity in the 77th minute before Hummels intervened in time for Mbappe to fall to the ground inside the penalty area, but the referee indicated that the game continued.

Karim Benzema scored a goal for the French team in the 85th minute after an organized quick attack by the team, but the referee canceled it for offside after reviewing the video assistant referee system (VAR).

The attempts of the two teams in the remaining minutes failed, and the match ended with a valuable victory for the French rooster.

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