From now on, you can publish your photos to Instagram from your computer

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Now, Instagram photo-sharing users can send direct messages and view them via internet browsers from any device, which is a big step from the application known to be used on smartphones only.

Although chatting with Instagram friends on a larger screen and with a real keyboard is more practical and comfortable, it is also good to have a feature through which you can post pictures to your account directly through your computer.

This is not an official feature, but it is an alternative solution to post your photos directly from the computer to save some time and effort, of course, the process takes a little time to prepare, but once you do that, it will be very easy, but you will not be able to use this trick to post videos.

How does the feature work?

Most internet browsers have a way for you to change the (user agent) – which tells the website what type of device you are using – to make it look like a different device, where you can tell Google Chrome to download a web page as if you were viewing it on an iPhone or Android phone, which gives you Phone version of the site. This is exactly what you need to post photos from your computer on Instagram.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to publish from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Note: Microsoft Edge used these steps, but the process is almost identical in all other browsers.

• Open the browser, and visit
• Log in to your account.
• Right-click anywhere on the page
• Click on Inspect option from the menu that appears.
You will see a window with a batch of text appear at the bottom of the page.

• Click the computer icon in the upper-left corner of the page.
• You will find that the Instagram page at the top has resized to resemble the size of a smartphone, with the (+) button appearing to create a post in the middle. If this button does not appear, the browser should only be updated.
• Click the button to upload images to your computer.
• When you are finished publishing your photo, click the computer icon again to close the window.


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