Gains of Bayern Munich and PSG after the Champions League final august 23


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The victories achieved by Bayern Munich and PSG exceed the limits of the football field, and are directly reflected in the income of the two teams, which included a huge sum waiting for an additional amount in the event of the title.

Bayern face its rival Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday night at the DA LUZ Stadium in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, which hosted a combined tournament to complete the Champions League matches, after the competition was stopped earlier due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

According to the tournament system and the list of prizes and rewards, the two teams secured about 117 million euros each for reaching the final match and achieving victories in the previous rounds.

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These sums include the reward for participating in the tournament, the team’s share of television broadcasting rights and marketing agreements, in addition to special grants for each victory in the tournament matches.

The tournament-winning team will receive an additional sum of 19 million euros, which means that its total income from the tournament will reach about 136 million euros.

This money will be an important support to cover part of the expenses of the two teams during this difficult season, which affected the income of all teams due to the stoppage of competition and the absence of fans from the stadiums.

Who is the next champion, bayern or psg
Champions League Winner since 1956 (UEFA)

Players will benefit from reaching the final or crowning the championship, either through the rewards that each team will allocate to its players, or by obtaining special grants included in the players’ contracts and stipulating that they receive rewards in the event of winning major tournaments such as the Champions League.

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