Watch .. Galaxy Z Fold 2 test by burning and cracking

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JerryRigEverything has returned to YouTube, which specializes in testing violent phones, practicing his favorite hobby by subjecting the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 to several durability tests, such as: burning and bending, as well as Scratching with sharp objects.

The channel praised the phone’s durability, at least compared to the first generation of the Galaxy Fold, which tested its durability last year.

The channel began by discussing the differences between the two generations, the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Fold 2, such as the large external screen and the dust-resistant hinge, then reviewed warnings from Samsung keep the phone intact.

The test began by scratching the external screen with a sharp metal tool, which was able to withstand up to the sixth level of intentional scratching, and at the seventh level, the scratches began to appear clearly on the screen. The internal folding screen was not that durable, as scratches appeared at the third level so that pressing it with a nail might leave an impact on it.

And because the phone comes with hinges in the middle, where there is a gap that allows the screen to fold, the channel put some dirt on the screen and then folded it, and after shaking a little, the phone succeeded in preventing dust from entering the joint, which is praised by the channel.

Because the phone’s frame is made of aluminum with a colored layer, scratching it with a blade resulted in removing only the colored layer. In contrast, the back of the phone, which is also protected with a layer of Gorilla Glass, may bear the scratch using the blade.

Although the glass tends to break and the phone is originally foldable thanks to the joints, which may make some people think it is easy to break, the channel’s attempts to bend the device failed, which is impressive.

As for the burn test, the Galaxy Fold 2 was strong enough to withstand the deliberate burning of the screen, as the pixels recovered on the screen, leaving some trace after being exposed to the flame, both on the internal screen – made of plastic – and the outside as well.

On August 5, Samsung officially launched its Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable smartphone, its Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphones, its two tablet computers, the Galaxy Tab S7, and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

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