The value of this horse is more expensive than Ronaldo and Messi together

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The horse “Galileo” drew attention with its huge price of 180 million pounds sterling, or about 200 million euros so that the British newspapers compared its price with the market value of the Portuguese stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine Lionel Messi and the horse’s superiority.

The market value of Messi, who ranks tenth among the most expensive players in the world, is 100 million euros, according to the German soccer-economics website Transfermarkt.

Ronaldo’s market value fell to 60 million euros, and it retreated to the 67th in the world due to his advanced age.

The British newspaper “The Sun” reported that the purebred horse – born in 1998 and owned by the Irish company Coolmore Stud – won 6 races out of 8 races in which he participated between October 2000 and the same month in the following year 2001.

The newspaper said that Galileo is the best horse breeder in the world since he retired in 2001 and that he won the title of best stallion in the world between 2008 and 2019, except for 2009 when he ranked second in the ranking.

Galileo’s fame lies in his descendants, who reached 300 horses, and 89 of them managed to register and win horse races.

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