GB: Facebook sued over Cambridge Analytica data scandal

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GB: Facebook sued over Cambridge Analytica data scandal

A British consumer association announced Thursday that it had launched legal action against Facebook for “failing to protect” users’ personal data in the scandal of the British company, Cambridge Analytica.

The company is accused of having collected 87 million users of the blue network to carry out campaigns of manipulation during the American elections.

Launched by the association “Facebook You Owe Us,” this complaint aims to “pave the way for British consumers to obtain redress and compensation for the abusive and persistent use of their personal data by the largest companies in the world,” denounced the association in a press release.

The action is led by human rights activist Alvin Carpio, whose data was collected by Facebook, defended by the Milberg law firm, in London.

It follows a similar mass action launched by the association against Google. “Google You Owe Us” indeed accuses the American group of illegally collecting personal data from iPhone users.

The association is trying to obtain compensation for more than 4 million users, hoping to carry out this type’s first action in the country.

After the scandal was exposed in March 2018, Facebook agreed to pay a fine of 500,000 pounds, reaching an agreement with the British data protection regulator (ICO). The amount of this fine was the maximum possible for violation of the UK data protection law.

At first instance, the High Court of London refused in October 2018 to authorize such a procedure before the Court of Appeal decided otherwise a year later. However, the case is not over because Google has been allowed to challenge this decision in the Supreme Court, which is expected to hear the case in April 2021.