What is the reason for Gerard Pique’s pessimism about Barcelona’s chances of winning the Liga?

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After the Sevilla and Barcelona match ended the day before yesterday in a draw, Barca defense center Gerard Piqué surprised everyone by saying that his team will not win the Spanish League title this season.

Although this statement can be read as an angry reaction to the match and wasting two points in the Marathon to win the League title, it reflects the current position of the Catalan team.

Not only Pique hinted at the level of the club’s declining level, but even captain Lionel Messi said months ago that Barca in this way of playing would not win the Champions League.

Many expected Blaugrana to better use the break due to the Coronavirus, train, develop and understand the coach Kiki Setien’s thought, but this did not happen.

In the first two games – despite winning them – Barca was not convincing, so he lost against Real Mallorca several dangerous opportunities that were sufficient to overturn the equation, but Arturo Vidal’s early goal clinched the match practically and Barca won with a clean quad.

In the second against Leganes, goalkeeper Marc Andre Terchtigen saved his team from several realized opportunities, in addition to a penalty awarded to Messi that raised many reactions, and the match ended with Barcelona winning 2 clean goals.

As for the Seville match, Barca started it well, but it was slow because Sittin relied on the midfield of all his players aged 30 years and over, in addition to the fact that the team was unable to form any risk or any shot or create an opportunity within 90 minutes, so offensive infertility continues with the teams Grand on its rules this season.

It is clear that Barcelona fails this season every time they face the first five teams in the table, so Pique’s pessimism may be in order, Barca will not win the title unless a Real Madrid competitor gives him a gift.

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