German experts define good wireless headphones

Computer Bild magazine said that the user may experience unpleasant surprises when buying wireless headphones, depending on the company’s popularity. Almost all smart phone and entertainment electronics manufacturers are offering this type of headphone.

Speaker design
The German magazine tested 8 models with prices less than 200 euros, recommending the user to check the design of the wireless headset first; The traditional In-Ear design keeps the headset firmly in the ear and eliminates ambient noise, even without the noise-canceling feature.

For the Ear-Buds design, the headset leans forward and loosely to the ear, and there are hybrid models that combine the elements of both designs.

Music playback on most wireless headphones is controlled by clicking or touching gestures on the outside of the earplug.

How to use
The experts of the German magazine explained that the method of use appeared well in most of the models that were tested, and in some cases the functions, which are available on the right or left plug, can be determined through the smartphone application.

As for the headphones with the surrounding noise canceling function, it is enough to click on the plug to allow noise to reach the ear or block it again, and there are many models that provide the function of turning on and off; Music is paused when the user takes off the wireless headset from his ears.

The results of the German magazine test came to the headphone “Samsung Buds Plus”; The battery life span was approximately 12 hours, Google Pixelbuds 2 came second, and Panasonic RZ-S300W came third.

Source: German